Autoload osCommerce based Shopping Cart Script
Autoload eCommerce Shopping Cart Script

Key Features :

  • One Click Install
  • Almost any payment processor including PayPal, C2Checkout, and Google Checkout.
  • USPS and UPS real time shipping information + others
  • Over 40 osCommerce Contributions added
  • PHP version 4 or 5
  • mySQL versions 4 or 5
  • Apache 2 webservers
  • Open Source based
  • Superior search engine optimization
  • As many products as you want
  • eBay Auction Integration
  • EasyPopulate the Database

Frustrated with customizing osCommerce?
Did you think you could get it done in two weeks and now your creation is looking like it's going to take two years? Why not start here? We've done the work for you! Autoload was built by shop owners who have tried several other shopping cart scripts before deciding to create Autoload. It's everything you need added to osCommerce for running an online storefront. Emphasis has been placed on keeping the script universal in that it will work with other applications, in several languages completely, and with long-term goals for serious website owners in mind. You need a money machine that works, Autoload is that machine. Thanks goes to osCommerce and all of the contributors to it for allowing us to bring you this GPL licensed complete shopping script.

Autoload is a 9+ MB download. It is deep within the layers of coding that Autoload shines. It doesn't use templates and functionality has only been incorporated if it has been found to be useful. Autoload is ideal for continued modifications! Where osCommerce contributions have been added, the rest of the site is checked to make sure that other areas of the script are not broken and that universality among webservers and different webserver configurations has been maintained.

  • Superior search Engine Optimization: Autoload was specifically designed with search engine optimization in mind. Meta tags used by search engines are dynamically generated based on your product or category descriptions or if you choose you can also override the dynamically generated tags by entering them manually. You can enter your desired meta tags in only the primary language or choose to enter them in all 3 languages. This means you have full control over the meta tags being generated by your site but at the same time have the ability to leave them blank and let the product and it's description be used for generating meta tags that search engines use.

  • Full integration with USPS and UPS real-time shipping rates. Further integration with Airborne and other shipping options. You can offer different shipping prices by zone, by weight, by product, offer free shipping on items or over a specified price. Add an amount to items or handling fees. You have several options here and you can use a combination of some of the above for your perfected shipping system.

  • Php5 and mySQL5 ready. You won't have any troubles with newest versions of Php or mySQL.

  • Integrates with almost any payment processor, including full integration with PayPal! Full and seamless integration with PayPal has not been neglected with Autoload. No more lost customers due to them not wanting to create a PayPal account because with autoload, they can use their credit card with your PayPal account and don't need to create a PayPal account. Almost all other merchant accounts are supported by default so if you have a merchant account the configuration is easy and web based through the Autoload control panel. No programming is necessary for any of the major payment processors and gateways. Google Checkout support has also recently been added.

  • Monthly sales tax reports are automatically generated based on customer orders. You can also view your reports by year or month by month, making your sales tax reporting a breeze. Best selling items, top customers, most viewed products are all available in the Tools section of the control panel.

  • eBay auction integration. This is a big one. You have the ability to instantly add your products to your eBay seller's account, direct from your shopping cart. Your eBay buyers will see a button on the auction listing after it ends telling them to checkout by clicking and they are then taken to your website for checkout. The best part is that Autoload with Auctionblox also automates filing of any non-paying bidder alerts, final value request fee requests, posts positive, negative, or neutral feedback for your buyers and even provides a secure checkout for your eBay buyers. This gives you full customer information and order history for your eBay buyers

  • Easy catalog population using a spreadsheet where you enter in all the details of all products in one spreadsheet file, then import all products in one click. Using this function you can also output a file for adding your store contents to Google Base, Google's online shopping network and other shopping directories. This feature is extremely powerful not only because it allows for easy catalog creation but because there are several distributors who will offer you EasyPopulate files or modifyable spreadsheet files for selling their products. It also allows for export from other shopping carts.

  • Print personalized invoices, send email to customers on your lists from your shopping cart control panel.

  • Advanced download controller. If you are selling downloadable goods and want to make paid downloads instantly available to your customers Autoload has been designed to do this effectively and securely, ensuring that you are getting paid for each download sold.

    Best selling, featured, and special items: Autoload displays your newest products on all category pages by default but you can add featured items from your site to be displayed instead if you wish. You decide which items are featured and Autoload will show featured item for each category

  • Affiliate program lets others easily add your products to their website and earn a commission from you by selling your products

  • Language choices for both the webmaster and the customer. If you speak a language other than English and have ever tried to understand all the technical terms associated with operating a website business then you already know how frustrating it is to have to use the administration part of the site in a second language. Autoload runs in German, Espanol, and English on both the front and back end. All functions work in all languages, seamlessly. This is also a boost to your search engine rankings because you get triple the indexing that you would with only one language.

  • Mult-currency with Oanda updates. Your customers can comfortably compare prices using the currency of their choice. By default only the 3 most common are installed but you can add as many others as you like. Updates are via so that your currency conversions are always up to date and accurate.

  • .PDF data sheets are available for each of your products so if your customer wants to print your catalog they are able to do so in the format of their choice. The catalog contains an embedded watermark to help protect your copyrighted images and let people know where to buy.

  • Fast load times. Autoload uses GD libraries for resizing images on the server before they are output to the browser. This results in load times about (we have conducted actual tests) half what they would without using this technology. Maybe you are not on a slow connection yourself but the fact remains that a lot of people are still on slow internet connections and simply will not wait 30 seconds or even longer for your pages to load. Losing sales because of slow load times is not an issue with Autoload.

  • Secure. Some of the security features include; runs with register_globals off, .htaccess protection from bots, use of PHP_SELF, and most importantly, solid and clean programming. We take great care when modifying the script so as not to introduce errors and security loopholes. Meticulous effort has gone into making sure that Autoload is as secure as it can be.

  • Google Adsense Integration. Easily run your Google Adsense ads on your website. Configuration is as simple as entering your Google Adsense account information in the control panel and ads are immediately displayed in the "Resources" box on all pages of your website. Adsense code has been optimized so that Google Uses product descriptions and other relevant information rather than just random words on your pages. this results in better ad matching and more clicks for you!

  • Built on open source technology. Autoload is based on osCommerce open source code and several contributions, pieces of contributions, and with much help from a community of people who write open source code in an effort to organize and create and maintain the highest of coding standards and code that is simply the best. Autoload is a collection of hundreds of these programmers' combined efforts. Autoload requires PHP and mySQL, both open source technologies. These are fast becoming the standard in database driven eCommerce because of speed, reliability, and ability to work with. Autoload is fully customizable and allows for additions to the source code. Autoload is built for the long-term and can grow with your business without investing in expensive web hosting or expiring licensing.

Most recent stable version: 4.7.8

Download Autoload eCommerce Shopping Cart Script:

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Autoload Installation Instructions

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Autoload Control Panel Documentation

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Latest News:

February 5th , 2012: Version 4.7.8 released

4.7.8 Fixes minor bugs in the install and backup module.

January 24th, 2012:Version 4.7.7 released

4.7.7 Uses a new installation script for installing with only one click..

January 1st, 2012:Version 4.7.6 released

4.7.6 Added capability for different levels of administrators to be able to have access to different catalog functions and/or categories, as specified by top administrator(s.) Minor bug fixes and language file updates. This is the stable version.

December 24th, 2011:Version 4.7.5 released

4.7.5 fixes a bug in the admin and .pdf creation. Another security implement was introduced which was not available in the last version.

December 15 th , 2011: Version 4.7.4 released

New version includes very simple installation script. Enhancements include the ability to run the script with register_globals off, full compatibility with mySQL 5 and PHP 5 and .htaccess security modifications.